About me

I began my journey with ceramics in high school when my favorite art teacher introduced me to the world of clay.

After high school I studied ceramics at Southern Oregon University in Ashland Oregon.  I graduated in 2000 but didn't fully pursue ceramics until later in life.  

I stepped away from pottery and became a classroom teacher and taught for 14 years. 

My husband and I built my tiny studio while I was pregnant with our son.  I realized that to bring him into this family, I wanted to live my best life so I could encourage him to live his.  This meant... getting back into clay!

Over the years that followed I created pottery in the very early morning hours before our son would wake up and before I had to get ready for the school day.  I loved this routine, but I was not able to create on a level that I craved.

So, in 2022 I fully launched Kilned with Kindness and I hope to see it grow each month into a business that provides quality product for kind customers who love and cherish the handmade in the world.  

Thank you for being here and for loving my work.  You are the reason I create!