About me: The Story of Kilned with Kindness

Handmade bowl thrown on the potters wheel

What a beautiful journey I have been on and every step of the way has led me here, to Kilned with Kindness, so I can share my love of handmade pottery with you.  

It began back in 1994…I was lucky enough to have a ceramics class in high school that was taught by a wonderful teacher.  She instantly sparked the joy of creating with clay in me and ever since, I have searched out opportunities and ways to create my life around pottery.

After graduating college, with an emphasis in ceramics, I had a tough decision to make... make art or make money.  I decided to go back to school to get a masters in teaching and went on to teach elementary school for 14 years. 

After a few years of struggling how to find time for myself and be a teacher, I decided I needed to bring clay back into my life.  My husband and I built a tiny studio in our backyard and Kilned with Kindness was born!

Teaching and being a mom is quite demanding, but I had to find a way to keep my hands in clay.  I am a morning person by default so, I took advantage of the quiet mornings and would work in my studio before the day would really get started.  Typically that meant waking up just before 5 and working out there for an hour, just to get my creative fix!

After 10 years of this, I finally felt that it was time to focus all of my energy in ceramics.  I love teaching, but I needed a change, so I took a leap and I am so glad I did!  I am beyond grateful to all those in my life who helped me make this choice and support me on this journey.  My family and community is so close to my heart…I couldn’t do this without them.

So many things in life are sparked with small dreams that grow into full blown plans.  That is what happened with Kilned with Kindness.  My whole life, I have dreamt of being a potter, full time, creating functional work that will enrich the lives of those who use it.  My dreams never quit coming to me and I never quit thinking about them.  Taking the leap is scary, but I finally realized that the more frightening part would be waking up one day, realizing I never took this chance.

So, here I am, making this happen and I appreciate and love everyone who is supporting me along the way.  I feel so incredibly lucky!  I still get to teach, but now I teach ceramics...and I have more than one hour every morning to create in my studio.  

I hope this long story helps you connect with me and my journey.  Connection and community are so important to me and having you here is why I am able to make the pots that I make.  Thank you!