About my product

I absolutely love creating pottery and you are the reason I do it! 

My philosophy in ceramics is to create pieces you can use daily that enrich your experience.  I envision you using and loving your pottery every single day.  I hope you reach for your mug each morning with a smile on your face or serve your family dinner on your plates with a full heart.  The more you use your handmade pottery, the more it becomes a part of your life, a part of your story.

All of my pieces are handmade, by me in my lovely, yet tiny, backyard studio.  As a functional potter, I make works of art you can use in your daily life.  Each piece I sell is food safe and ready for you to use and love.

All of my work is high fired to cone 6 (2,232 degrees) and are safe for the microwave and dishwasher (unless it contains gold luster, this will be specified in the listing).  

I use a variety of clays in my studio varying from porcelain to deep red bodied stoneware.

Most of my work is created using the potters wheel but I also love hand building, using slabs and coils to create.